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Division Vice President

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Craig Wilson

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Matt McMahill

Project Manager
Matt McMahill

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Office Manager


“Our goal is to try to help every customer extend the life of their roof with repairs and maintenance and provide them with the best roof for their particular situation if their existing roof cannot be saved.”


Holthaus Companies, Inc. has been serving Central and Western Illinois for over 25 years. Owners Nick and Angie Orwig operate the award winning company. Nick Orwig’s grandfather, Jim Holthaus, started the company as Holthaus Construction Services in 1990 and quickly earned a reputation for high-quality workmanship. Originally Jim ran the company out of his home in Peoria, IL. After several successful years in the business, the need for a more suitable office location and warehouse prompted Jim to move HCI Headquarters to our current location at 875 E. Linn St. in Canton, IL. Since then, HCI grew from a two man crew with one truck to a multi-crew team with a fleet of vehicles. Upon Jim’s passing in 2004 company ownership transferred to Nick and Angie and our name was changed to Holthaus Companies, Inc. to reflect our dedication and concentration on the specialized fields of roofing and gutters.

HCI has received several awards in its long career with Duro-Last Roofing Inc. for excellence in quality installations, sales and service. Our employees consistently attend seminars and training courses in the off season to keep them updated with the new products and techniques being developed in the roofing industry.
We also have experts in the field of roof repairs and maintenance to help get the most life out of your existing roof.


Here at Holthaus Companies, Inc., we make every effort to reduce, reuse and recycle. In our effort to reduce waste, we carefully measure and customize each roof to lessen excess material. Duro-Last, our low-sloped roof product, is a highly reflective roofing membrane which also has low heat transfer properties. This helps our customers improve their buildings energy efficiency. In addition, Duro-Last, at their manufacturing plants, recycles their scrap materials back into their products.

We also strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible with our shingle roofing operations. Along with keeping an eagle eye on waste, many of the existing asphalt shingle roofs we remove are ground up and used to make asphalt paving material. Just think, the next time you are driving on the highway, it may be YOUR old roof you are driving on!

Additionally, both our office staff and crews make every effort to participate in our shop and office recycling programs. Many of the estimating, ordering, packing and shipping materials that we use and receive are recycled every day. It’s like your home recycling program, except on a much grander scale!

**HCI is licensed, bonded and insured.**
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